Maestro Italiano del XVIII Secolo - Scena Mitologica

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油彩、画布 - 未签名 - XVIII Secolo d.C.

艺术家: Maestro Italiano del XVIII Secolo
作品名称: Scena Mitologica
年份: XVIII Secolo d.C.
技术: 油彩、画布
签名: 未签名
状态: 总体状态良好
Image size: 71.5×61 cm
Total dimensions: 87×76×5 cm

Antique painting, oil on canvas, from the 18th century, depicting a Mythological scene.

The high-quality painting can be dated back to the first half of the 18th century, it seems to portray a mythological scene from the Aeneid, depicting the escape after the feat of Nisus and Euryalus. The two young heroes, in fact, after having made a huge massacre in the enemy camp, set off to reach the city of Pallanteo with Euryalus wearing a flashy helmet, taken from an enemy. But they meet a squadron of Rutulian knights, who are bringing a message to Turnus. The two friends then try to escape; Nisus, faster, is already about to save himself, while Euryalus who couldn’t follow him is surrounded by enemies.

This wonderful canvas, with a particularly accurate pictorial surface and passages of remarkable quality - which highlights an admirable painting technique and being of valuable workmanship - is undoubtedly attributable to a master of the Italian school, probably working in the 18th century, between Veneto and Emilia.

The painting is in good condition considering its age; with some small scattered restoration and some slight peeling of the pictorial surface, but no significant damage. The original canvas has an old relining that gives no evidence of any kind of preservation problem. Fine craquelure compatible with age. The stretcher was probably replaced at the same time of the re-lining.

Framed in a beautiful gilded frame, from a fairly recent period.

Canvas size: 71.5 x 61 cm Frame size: 87 x 76 cm

Shipping via insured express courier and packaged with the utmost care.

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    Everythig was excellente
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    Timing e imballo eccellente. Dipinto come da aspettative.
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    Venditore serio e preciso. Spedizione celere. Imballaggio sicuro e perfetto nonché opera corredata di certificazione di autenticità e lecita provenienza. Consigliato!
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    dipinto bellissimo, cornice senza danno, consegna veloce.
    Tante grazie! Jan Kleinschmidt
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    very good, thanks
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    Positive. Packaged with care and soon delivered
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    Interesting painting, and as described. The complementary frame newer then I expected and not a perfect fit in size for the painting. Fast shipment and arrival. Overall a good purchase.
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    OLYHOECK 2019年9月17日

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    Consegna rapidissima, imballo perfetto ed ultraprotettivo. Dipinto più bello di quanto visionato in sede d'asta.
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    The painting was beautifully packed and arrived safely. Many thanks
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    Excellent transaction. Perfectly packed. Many thanks.
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    well packed and delivered on time.
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    Thank you very much. Everything went well. Good transport. Impressive Painting :)
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    LuanMaria51 2019年6月13日

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    schnelle, perfekt verpackte Lieferung, Gemälde sehr gute Qualität,
    Epoche richtig beschrieben.
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    Tutto velocissimo e imballo blindato.
    Dipinto all altezza delle aspettative e della descrizione. Ottimo affare!!
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    Pupinagolosa 2019年5月2日

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