Edouard Rambaud 水钻 - 金色调 - 耳环

Edouard Rambaud 水钻 - 金色调 - 耳环
尺寸: 5x4cms environ - 总重量: 46,80 g

Large clip-on earring by Edouard Rambaud set with faceted rhinestones of different shapes.
Weight: 46.80 g
Dimensions: 5 × 4 cm approx.
IMPORTANT: While I try to be as accurate as possible, the dimensions are not exact to the millimetre, which is why I used the word APPROXIMATELY. Thank you.

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水钻 - 金色调
Edouard Rambaud
5x4cms environ
Total Weight
46,80 g
状态非常好 - 稍使用过,有一点点磨损的迹象