Salvatore Fiume (1915- 1997) - Le Mondine

Salvatore Fiume (1915- 1997) - Le Mondine
平版画 - 带签名 - XV / L - 1984

2-colour lithograph on paper - signed on bottom right - copy no. XV/L -
Year 1984 - private collection - purchase and origin: Italy, with certificate of guarantee - shipping by UPS - SDA - DHL - TNT.
Salvatore Fiume (Comiso, 23rd October 1915 – Milan, 13th June 1997). He attended the Regio Istituto d’Arte del Libro in Urbino at a very young age, where he learned printing techniques. In 1949 in Milan, his first official exhibition, with the works ‘Isole di statue’ and ‘Città di statue’, causing much interest among critics. This exhibition allows him to make contact with artistic and cultural institutions on an international level. On that occasion, a work was purchased for the Museum of Modern Art in New York and for the Jucker collection in Milan. The following year, he was invited at the Venice Biennale; he exhibited his triptych ‘Isola di statue’ which earned him a cover on the American magazine Life. His works show an interest in Renaissance painting, in particular in Piero della Francesca and Paolo Uccello. In 1953 Life and time magazines commissioned him to create works. In 1962, one hundred paintings travelled through various German museums. In 1973 he went to the Babile valley in Ethiopia, where he painted a group of rocks with anti-corrosion marine paints. At the great anthological exhibition in 1974 at the Palazzo Reale in Milan he presented for the first time the Gioconda Africana, now kept in the Vatican Museums. Several exhibitions follow: in 1985 at Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome, in 1987 at the Sporting d’Hiver in Monte Carlo and in 1991 at the International Architecture Exhibition in Milan. As a sculptor he made his debut in 1994 with an exhibition in Milan. Actually, his approaches to sculpture date back to the 1940s. His production includes works in stone, bronze, resin, wood and ceramics, some of which are large in size. These include the bronze statue at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the stone groups of the San Raffaele hospitals in Milan and Rome. He died in Milan on 3rd June 1997. His works are kept in the most important museums worldwide.

Salvatore Fiume (1915- 1997)
Le Mondine
XV / L
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25×35 cm
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50×0.2×70 cm
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