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Peter Wright


Solid gemstone gold ring

14 kt yellow gold ring with central light copper tourmaline of 9 x 7 mm and 1.72 ct and two copper tourmalines each of 3 mm totalling 0.20 ct and 8 white sapphires each of 1.2 mm totalling 0.060 ct, ring size 17.5 mm, weight 2.8 g 更多

Enchanting gold ring oval cut morganites

Fine gemstone ring with five oval cut Himalayan morganites each of 5 x 3 mm and 0.910 ct and 6 brilliant cut natural zircons each of 1.1 mm totalling 0.054 ct in 9 kt yellow gold. Ring size 16 mm, weight 2 g 更多

Brilliant earrings with tanzanites

Exclusive gold earrings oval cut tanzanites each of 8 x 6 mm totalling 2.930 ct and 12 SI brilliants each of 1.0 mm totalling 0.060 ct set in 375 yellow gold. Size 2.5 x 0.8 mm, weight 2 g 更多